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At Norcal Zen Pond, we provide products for your Koi Ponds and services to build and maintenance your Koi and Ponds.
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Products for your Koi pond

We have all the products for your koi pond, here are a few of them:
* water pumps
* RDF filter systems
* UV lights
* bottom drains
* skimmers
* liners
* bulkheads, gate valves and various other plumping

We have varieties of nutritions/diets for your water babies:
* growth
* color enhancement
* winter diet

We also have water conditioner and medication:
* microbe-lift 
* proform-c
* beneficial bacteria 

Services for your Koi and pond

We provide:
* koi pond design/consult
* koi pond building
* koi pond filtration system installation.  We specialize in Rotary Drum Filter (RDF) installation.
* moving bed installation
* media container installation (Japanese mats or ceramic media)
* bakki shower installation
* aeration installation
* bottom drain installation and retrofitting
* skimmer installation (in-pond or in-wall)
* winterization
* regular maintenance service (weekly, monthly ...)

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